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Antique Rembrandt Floor Lamp

This old-school looking floor lamp is perfect for a small room or center-space. The brass anodized finish will keep you looking old-school while the copper finish makes it look new. The lamp has a 2-pull cord and the base has a kmc 102 base. This lamp is perfect for any room with a small space.

Rembrandt Floor Lamps

Rembrandt floor lamps are a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home décor. These lamps are made from top-quality materials, and they look great with any style flooring. Get your rembrandt floor lamps today and feel like a extra layer of luxury!

Rembrandt Floor Lamp

This beautiful cast iron floor lamp is from an old antique bridge in boston. It has a beautiful antique bridge arm lamp shade which is original to the lamp. The brass oynx marble rembrandt floor lamp has a beautiful antiquesale condition. This is a beautiful value for the money! this beautiful rembrandt brass floor lamp is from an early 20th century collection and is currently being used as a tree cast iron vtg lightrewired usa s66 light. The lamp has a beautiful rembrandt design and is made out of brass. The light is unwired and is on a wire. This lamp is a great addition to any room and would be a great addition for any collection. this is a great opportunity to have a function or just have a place to light up the room. The brass floor lamps are in excellent condition and are a great addition to any room. this 3 light adjustable height floor lamp is a great choice for a small room or space. The antique finish and middleweight brass hardware make it look high-quality and older than it is. The three light feature ensures that you'll be able to read your work in the dark.