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Bamboo Floor Runner

This bamboo floor runner is perfect for your bathroom or kitchen! It is water resistant and has a halloween print that will add a bit of excitement to your area. The runner is also great for an entryway or halloween room.

Best Bamboo Floor Runner

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Cheap Bamboo Floor Runner

This bamboo floor runner is perfect for running through the halls and gain access to the kitchen. It has a slim design for ease of use and is 24 in. Long by 72 in. It has a non-slip grip for easy use and is available in a 72 in. this bamboo floor runner is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home décor. This runner has a sleek look to it with it's bamboe color. It is sure to add some redundantly style to your home décor. this bamboo floor runner has a water-repellent coating that makes it easy to get gone. It is 21 x 34 set and comes with a water-repellent indicator. this rug is made of bamboo flooring and is non-skid water-resistant. It has a large area that is perfect for your home's decorations and items.