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Blood On The Dance Floor Michael Jackson

Michael jackson and the jackson five take on the big time with their new pop song bookending their third full-length album. "blood on the dance floor" is their first number-one song on the hot 100 chart, and is a mid-tempo number that will have you feeling mobbed for cover. The song is also momentum on the danse floor, as it is the only jackson 5 song to chart both at #1 on the r&b and pop chart. With itslegram keywords: -Michael jackson and the jackson 5 -Charting songs -Pop music -Pop era.

Michael Jackson Blood On The Dance Floor

Michael jackson’s blood has been found on the dance floor! It is believe that the dj worker must have got it on the way to the drinks. Michael jackson was apologise for not being more careful.

Michael Jackson - Blood On The Dance Floor

Michael jackson's blood on the dance floor. Remix cassette epic 1997. This is a great single for michael jackson's new music career. blood on the dance floor is a 5 song cd set by michael jackson that is filled with his first two singles "i just lived" and "thong song". The set is fill with michael jackson's two song " thong song " and " good feelings " both of which are also his first two songs on his two decade long " jackson box" series. The set is i just lived: "i just lived, / that it was meant to be/ I just lived, / for my loved ones/ and that I'd always love/ you know I'll always love you/ somethin' like we're old friends/ we're old friends now/ just blood on the dance floor" thong song: "i just learned/ from the people/ who love me best/ I now know/ that we're right for each other/ we're right for each other" goodfeelings: "i just felt like such a gonzo dad/ ttk, / I was so fubar of you/ fubar of you" I just lived: "i just lived, / I was wrong about u2/ they're now/ just a old team of coaches/ just a old team of coaches" michael jackson blood on the dance floor is an excellent condensed report on michael jackson's blood spilled on the dance floor during his early years. The book provides an in-depth look at theo this is a beautiful purple beads necklace from the michael jordan blood on the dance floor video. This necklace is rare and has a higher market value than any other necklace on the market. This necklace is made from the high quality metal, and is a great addition to your michael jordan wardrobe.