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Floor Drain Cover

Looking for a durable, stylish floor drain cover? look no further than the floor drain cover! This innovative design provides an airtight seal that keeps water from reaching the skin, so you can enjoy your home without worry. With a versatile function that can be used for both underfloor heating and drain, the floor drain cover is perfect for any home-theater or kitchen.

Floor Drain Covers

Floor drain covers are a great way to keep your area clean and free of dirt, dust and other debris. They can also help protect your floor from dirt, sand and other debris.

Cast Iron Floor Drain Cover With Bell

This cast iron floor drain cover is a great way to keep your kitchen clean and your shower clean. The bell-like ringing sound it makes as you flow through is sure to attract attention, and the kraft paper-like finish will keep your floor looking perfect. The cover is made of stainless steel material and it's cover is snap in type. The cover is also made of other perfect for a floor drain: a tongue and groove design, a havana brown type, or a dark green type. this floor drain cover is perfect for keeping the drain cover clean and free of dirt and dust. The cover is made of cast iron and is 12 inches in diameter. The cover is also 6 inches high and has a 14 inch thick thickness. this floor drain cover is designed to protect your floor and stop water coming down your floor. It has a silicone texture to preventslip and trackers. The rubberized finish keeps water from coming through the stopper, and the fact that it is silicone makes it easy to clean.