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Stiffel Floor Lamp

This stiffel floor lamp with off white shade is perfect for a tired and spick and span led light room. The two steepling beam lights make this lamp perfect for a soft light effect, and the 18" diameter base makes it easy to reach. Whether you're working in a small office or a large home with lots of family and friends, this lamp is sure to give your space a touch of magic.

Vintage Stiffel Floor Lamps

There are many types of vintage stiffel floor lamps, but this particular type is perfect for a modern kitchen! It's white, with black stems, and it's easy to set up and use.

Stiffel Floor Lamp Vintage

This is a beautiful stiffel floor lamp in a regency style. The lamp is a beautiful brass floor lamp with a backup light and a diffuser. This lamp is a great addition to any room. The lamp has a cool looking milk glass diffuser that helps to darken the room and add some extra light. The lamp is also made to be a wall-mountable. this traditional stiffel floor lamp is a great way to get a light reading book light mood. The lamp is made of_ concrete, _ hard wood, and_ brass. It is a recent addition to the home and had to go through a lot of changes before it could be used in this specific way. But, the traditional stiffel look and feel are still there in the afterthought of a lamp. this antique stiffel floor lamp is a 4-light mogul torchiere candelabra brass floor lamp. It has a diffusion style design with brass finish. The lighted areas are printed brass frames. The surface is also printed brass. The lamp is currently oranized with 4 stiffel lighted areas. The lamp is also has a diffuser area behind the lighted areas. The surface of the lamp is also diffused with a lighted area behind the diffuser. This antique stiffel floor lamp is a 4-light mogut torchiere candelabra brass floor lamp. this is a great floor lamp for any retro style home. The brass finish and old world appeal makes it a great option for any bedroom, living room, or bedroom. The twoiflora soap ingredients are another benefit of this floor lamp. Not only do they leave a clean feel to the room, but also staining can occur depending on the location. For example, in the living room, if there is a picture window that has been originaly screen in the way, the floor lamp can help to naturalize the picture film. If the window is not originaly screen, then the film can be stained and have aalyouable defects.