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Used Floor Looms

Used floor looms allow you to weave fabrics in a variety of widths and colors. With our 8-shaft loom that has 2 full length inches, you can weave fabrics from a width of 10 inches up to 45 inches wide. The 10-treadle loom isariasi can weave fabrics from a width of 8 inches to 10 inches wide.

Floor Loom

The floor loom is a great machine for creating a path in the floor with each step being a new path make. It is also possible to make multiple paths together making a path network. The network can be used to generate identification numbers for tracking. The network can also be used to track the size of the machine and the number of machines that are involved in the machine.

Used Floor Loom

This is a used floor loom that has two 41 gilmore looms plus accessories 4 shaft and 8 shaft. The loom is in great condition with no faults. This would make a great addition to your home also known as a 42nd floor loom. this is a great vintage 1940 pinkerton custom loom 20 weave 4 harness. It is excellent condition and has a 20" width. This loom is used but is excellent condition. It was used on a floor loom and the threading is good which is great for precedence tying. The 4lens weft is good for width adjustment. The 2lens weft is also good for width adjustment. It is wonderful for especially working with a variety of colors. harrisville designs 4-harness 36 direct-tie floor loom is a great way to make clothes much easier to wear. With four straps that you can use to hang or transport your clothes, it makes it easy to make new, more versatile items. this amazing vintage kessenich cherry 6 harness jack floor looms has a beautiful red color and it is also quite sturdy. It is a great addition to any machine. The bellows is also in great condition, with no issues taking up space. This machine is sure to be a asset to your workshop.